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So I’ve decided to enter the blogging world, 140 characters wasn’t quite enough for me. Shoot me some suggestions on what you’d like me to blog about, I’ll try to be as honest as possible. Hopefully that should keep it fun.

Let the games begin!


25. April 2013 by herculezg
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  1. Looking forward to the blog Herc!

  2. What’s up Herc?! You should do a post of all your jerseys!

  3. Que paso con el cabello de Jim Morrison? y cuando te vienes alas Chivas USA pero en serio?? Saludos!

  4. I’d like to here more about what life is like in Mexico, please. Can you go out and do normal things or do fans come up to you everywhere? Love your honest and sense of humor on twitter, I can only imagine what a blog will be like!



  5. Hola Hérculez! Me gustó la idea de tu blog, pero quería saber si podrías apoyarme con algo.

    Espero tu respuesta, saludos!


  6. Many soccer fans in the United States, myself included, really want to see you back in MLS. I don’t think most fans out there know about the ridiculous rules in MLS that for some reason still give your rights to KC. So my questions…Is this rule the reason Herculez Gomez is not playing in MLS today or anytime in the near future?? Do you want to return? and what does MLS have to do to make that happen?

    • Nooooo!!!! MLS is for underachieving players, players that young and looking to pay their dues to get to europe, or those that can get DP money and are older/on the brink of retirement. You don’t want one of your forwards lowering their competitive level if they are to be considered for their national teams. Plus, he just transfered to TJ.

  7. You should blog about what you do on a typical day

  8. Hey Herculez! First of all, congratulations! Hope you doing well and also hoping your blog will be a success! I have a question. What was the most complicated thing to get along with when you first came to La Laguna. And please, don’t answer like if you were in a press conference LOL, don’t give us those answers, as you wrote, be as honest as you can. Have a good day Herculez! Greetings from Lerdolyhills.

  9. Herc! Can you tell us in your blog what you do for your workouts, both soccer and body?

  10. Just wanna thank you for representing Mexican Americans and being genuine..my brothers my dad and me have been following your career since you made your appearance in LA..I’m a chivas fan but I won’t miss a Santos game…ne ways thank you

  11. Herc, welcome to the world of bloggin’!!!

  12. Congrats on your new site Herculez! My family and I really enjoy watching you play especially for the USMNT. Just wondering if you have any favorite soccer web sites? Good luck next week in the Champs final!

  13. Sounds like a good idea, specially to know your views outside sports once in a while :-) G luck with this

  14. Hey Herc,
    I’m looking forward to reading more than 140 characters from you. Keep doing work on the field! Oh, I would also like to lobby for you to grow your curls out again. :-)

  15. Herculezzz!! Whats up bro

  16. Ok, you’ve got me hooked. I’m game for seeing where you take the blog. :)

  17. Just passing by to say HI! :)

  18. Hi Hérculez

    I hope this blog can be a positive space where you can have a great dialogue with your fans. I would like to read about how is your life when you are not training. Do you make a normal life like us?
    Te veo dando un gran juego el miércoles, vamos con todo, creemos en ustedes. DTB

  19. Curious, is playing in the Mexican League really as scary as it’s been made out to be in the US media? Have you ever been worried for your safety?

  20. Hola Senor Gomez, Big fan of yours!

    So what do you do for fun in Mexico? Have you ever been to any of the Jaripeos there? Do they have those in Torreon? Those are big in central Mexico.

    Which MLS team would you like to play for?

  21. first, thank you for making a blog where fans that dont have twitter (i know shocker) can follow you etc. I think id be interesting to hear your point of view as a MexicanAmerican playing in Mexico; not sure if you´ve talked about this before.


  22. Welcome Herc,
    As much as we were pulling for Seattle in that CCL clash, we are fully behind Santos Laguna to defeat Monterrey. You are a gamer and we enjoy watching you stick a dagger through our hearts the last couple of seasons in CONCACAF Champions League!

  23. Write about your experiences.
    1. About the first time you were called up for National Team.
    2. Games you remember as a Kid that inspired you
    3. Your Brother and You. One Soccer / One MMA
    4. Write about your travels, and what stands out in each city.
    5. What you thought about lasts tv show, movie, etc ..

  24. Hello Herculez,

    Nice to meet you, my name is Juan Pablo, I´m a FIFA Agent and I work at Gol Marketing which is a leading soccer agency headquartered in Guadalajara, Jalisco. I would like to get in touch with you, in order to tell you about a service you might be interested, it´s a video analysis software were you will be able to watch your personal performance during your games.

    This is a software that is currently being used by the MEXICAN NATIONAL TEAM, AMÉRICA FC and CHIVAS FC. I would like to give you a temporal user name and password, so you can see it by yourself.

    Looking forward for your response,
    JP -

    • While I appreciate your offer, I have to admit that I already use a video analysis program, Match Analysis. It has been provided for me by both Club Santos Laguna and The USMNT.

      Thanks for taking the time,


      • Hi again Herc,

        Thanks for your prompt response and for a clear communication.

        I understand you use Match Analysis, but this software it´s totally different; I´m not saying it´s best, but it offers additional benefits which no other system offers. Gol Performance will let you analyze your future rivals through video and not only by the number of the statistic. In this software all the statistics are supported by video, so you can watch the original play that generate that number.

        Why don´t you give it a try and see it by yourself. I´ll be glad on giving you a temporal user name for the next days for FREE.

        See it this way, you will not lose anything and you might find a new tool to continue developing your, already, successful career.

        JP -

  25. Thanks for all your help on topics! Im currently working on one that I hope you will like..

    Thanks again,


  26. Come back to MLS! Join the sounders, we’d love to have you!

  27. Welcome to Xolos, hope the best for you and your family, and write about your new experiences here in Tijuana.

  28. Welcome to Tijuana!
    I’m excited to see you play for my home team.
    I like the way you play with tenacity, agression, decisiveness and leave everything on the field.
    I think you made the right choice by coming back close to home.
    I’m expecting a solid contribution from you, I’m sure you will not disapoint.

    Animo Xolo.

    TJ Forza

  29. First of all please change the backround color so I can read the comments.
    Second, and most important: Welcome to Tijuana! I supose you will live in San Diego, so I know you will feel at home.
    Talk to us about your experience moving to Club Tijuana, a much younger club than Santos.

  30. Gracias por todo Herc !!! te extrañaremos en la Comarca pero tambien deseamos que la rompas en TJ !!! Dios te bendiga y saludame a Edgar Castillo y a Fernando Arce, tambien Guerreros de Corazón!

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